Faye Sizemore


At nineteen
She ran away to war
Her family to see nevermore
She joined the Michigan Regiment
And did her job wherever they went
Side by side with soldier boys
They knew her as their pal
None of them knew she was a gal
Down to Tennessee they were deployed
At Chattanooga
The battle raged
And mini balls flew
One of them fatally striking
This soldier girl so true
She wrote a last message to her father
“Forgive your dying daughter.
I have but a few moments to live.
My native soil drinks my blood.
I expected to deliver my country
but the fates would not have it so.
I am content to die.
Pray forgive me…… Emily.”
Oh, little girl soldier, Heaven knows
If you were a flower that we could see
You would be a flaming red rose

Author’s Note: Emily’s story is told in the book, “Women of the War”, written in 1866 by Frank Moore