Faye Sizemore


A dragon seeks
To devour my brothers
It is hunting them
No matter where they are
It is a horrible huge and ugly thing
It seems to be awaiting them
At every turn
Wreaking havoc upon the land
Where they least expect
There it is
Thundering in their ears
Breathing fire in their faces

They smile and laugh
And then a shadow
Will touch their eyes
And I know they have been touched
By the Dragon as it passed

It fills the air with smoke
And defiles the earth
destroyer of man woman and child

Would that I could fashion
A magic sword
And forge a knight of steel
That could make the dragon
Kneel and
Bow to his will
But each is alone
And must survive sometimes
With only their fists
This is the Dragon of Dragons

It comes at night
when they’re alone
It finds them when they’re awake
No one is safe
Not one person in their home

It will devour them in their dreams
This dragon is never sated
Never has his fill
Would that I were the Mystical Knight
With the Magical Sword
Could slay the dragon
And still him forevermore
Thunder, smoke, and fire, everlasting
The most enduring Dragon of all
And its hated name is… “War”