Faye Sizemore


Placed on poles overhead
Like a sign from the Old West
“Dodge City” is what it said
The place of our next quest
Misshapen trees and heat abound
Horseshoe shaped area of ground
Graves all mounded around
As cakes rising here and there
A testimony to someone’s care
A burial ground for grieving
With treachery seething
A perfect death trap
In a place of death
The worst on our map
Nam’s old cemetery
It would be our error
We should have been wary
For the Devil would bless
This old place of death
A place of terror
Death coming with bullets
Bombs mines and mortars
To escape there was no way
We were here only yesterday
To go back were our orders
The enemy had mined overnight
They had foreseen the fight
They knew we would be back
And they were right on track
Because back we came
To play their deadly game
On a hideous game board of hell
The bullets and bombs were a death knell
For Dodge City we could not win
Of all the Marines who went in
Only a handful came out again

This poem inspired “The Eyes” – ©Copyright January 20, 2004 by Thurman P. Woodfork