Faye Sizemore


What is the color of a happy day:
Is it rainbows all the way
… Is it beautiful hues
… all lavenders and blues?

What can be the color of love:
Is it bright like the sunshine above
Is it a fiery red or an icy blue name
… very much like the color of pain?

What is the color of loyalty:
Is it the white interspaced
… with the scarlet bars
and blue with white stars?

Show me the color of lonely
Is it a misty grey…
nondescript like the fog
… floating over the bay?

What is the color of pain:
Is it a red fiery flame
… an icy freezing blue
or a color with no name?

What is the color of blood:
Is it the same color and hue
… in mud… as it is in sand
Does it change with the land?

What is the color of death:
… Is it the last color to request
Black are the colors rolled into one…
the color of silence when life is done?

What is the color of tears:
The same over the years
… clear as warm rain
falling ever and again?