Faye Sizemore


I don’t want to play war
Not ever again… not no more

I sit alone and remember back then
Pretend my brothers are here again
As a child I would sit in the dirt
Dressed in my shorts and play shirt

Take my toy soldiers and play some war
My big brothers they showed me more
The neighbor boys, we played with them
They even had some G.I. Joes so trim

We would draw a line and then have a war
We played by the rules, they don’t… anymore
With little stones the enemy soldiers we would bomb
They don’t use little stones …they use napalm

They grew up… and I seemed to stay like child
They’d still play war with me once in a while
Brothers and the neighbor boys, they went to war
Neighbors came home, but brothers won’t anymore

We used sticks for our guns to make the soldiers run
Real rifles was used to make my brother’s lives done
Not even G.I. Joe , him so being so great and so trim
Could stop the bullets and big bombs and save them

I don’t want to play war
Not never again… not no more