Faye Sizemore


Yesterday has stolen away
Silently… I noticed that it was gone
Today’s sun shines today
and that is all that matters anyway
… We are carryin’ on

Go down… old ghosts
Rest now in peace
Trouble not these hosts
Hear our speech
… We are carryin’ on

Lessons were hard earned
and worth the knowledge learned
Strengthened on the battlefields of yesterday
valor and brotherhood thrive today
… We are carrin’ on

Nothing is forever is for certain
except ‘It didn’t mean nuttin’
but as we all know it should
for even with pain and tears… ‘it was all good’
… We are carryin’ on

Old ghosts… go down
Rest easy and proud
No more worryin’ around
Your memories are under no shroud
… We are carryin’ on…