Faye Sizemore


Sometimes south is not far south enough
Winter is coming… things will get tough
The gardens are tilled to await the spring
The birds are all heading south on the wing
Squirrels gathering pecans filling their mouth
A man in an Army coat stands looking south
The wind grows colder and blows bolder
A few flakes drift to his shoulder…
shaking them off he considers his chore
Should he linger here… wait some more
… or follow where the sun has gone before
Ice is soon to come and bitter cold
No friend to one who’s growing old
The road is long… when one is alone
Turning his back on where the lights shone
he looks to the overpass and his cardboard home
On a concrete bed… he’ll rest his head
Tomorrow… if it comes… is another day
Too cold tonight to decide to go or stay

This poem was the inspiration for the response, “Cardboard Cottages” – ©Copyright December 11, 2003 by Randy E. Richmond