Faye Sizemore


Blue Monday news…
bombings again in Bali…
perpetrators were suicides
Tourist boat capsizes
… no one knows why
in New York
on Lake George…
twenty nine die
Poet August Wilson
has died too…
liver cancer was his due
Goodbye… a great playwright too
Five hundred plus
say goodbye
to South Carolina
soldier killed
in Baghdad
Army Sergeant
Andrew Joseph Derrick
He was only
twenty five
He would have been home
… just two weeks to go
… had he stayed alive
Bagpipes played low
Seven soldiers
and volleys of three
a distant bugler
played not Taps
but Reveille…
so moving to read
Andrew… Godspeed
More battles in Gaza
Blue Monday news
has left my heart
with a bruise
but wait…
there was Mass
at St. Patrick’s
in New Orleans…
the first since Katrina
was on the scene
Blue Monday news
… most of it bad
St. Patrick’s Mass
being the only
bright spot it had…
No matter how I juggle it
it could not
out weigh the sad…