Faye Sizemore


It was a beautiful fall day
With a blue azure sky
fluffy clouds lazing by
That was before eight fifty one
Before it was time to cry

September eleventh, a quiet morning
nothing yet known of the horror
that was soon to be dawning
Or the grief that was coming

A voice on the phone
Saying to turn on the news
Something is wrong is why
It was eight fifty one
It was time to cry

So many lives that day were lost
We most dearly paid the cost
It will be many more years
Before we can dry all the tears

Take me back, can it be done
Change the clock back before
Before eight fifty one
Before it was time to cry

Author’s Note: 8:51 am is the time it was in NYC when, on television, Diane Sawyer announced that there had been an explosion at the World Trade Center