Faye Sizemore


A trip to the store for a loaf of bread
And didn’t it turn into a trip of dread

First of all it started to rain
Just enough to add to my pain

No parking places except for ‘Disabled’
All I want is a loaf of bread for my table

I just barely made it thru the door
Vets selling the poppies had got me before

Little old lady in front slowing the line
All I want, lady, is to go home and dine

No room on the counter covered with jars
Begging that your change be added to ours

Thinks we all gotta be the giver
Man needs a heart, child needs a liver

It gives me a pain in my head
All I want is a loaf of bread!

Traffic cop standing there by my chevy
On me a ticket I know he’s gonna levy

No, sir, I did not notice it was for the disabled
I only came to buy a loaf of bread for my table

A vet came past carrying the old dame’s bag
On the way back, no, his steps did not lag

I left the parking lot, ticket in hand
and… a damn poppy in my hat band

Submitted for the November 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “My Opposite’s Eyes