Faye Sizemore


Faye Sizemore: Baghdad DreamBaghdad dreams…
spired buildings
and warring schemes
where bombs explode
… upon the road
and bullets sing
in the midst of everything
Someone penned a message
with their own hand
and flung it upon the sand
It was found the next year
by a soldier from over here
The message that he read…
This is what it said…
‘Welcome my brother… to the Baghdad scene
where your every night will be a torrid dream
and bullets fly in the midst of everything
I was here and now I am gone
Either walking or prone
I have gone on home…
Home… where I have longed to be
home… back to the land of the free
Keep your head down…
listen for the bullets zing
oh… and one more thing…
Welcome to your Baghdad dream…’