Faye Sizemore


What will there be found
in the search for us
A warring nation we were
leaving only thus…

A darkening circle on the ground
Only sign of people being around

Just ashes of an old, old campfire
Having moved on, our guns for hire

This is what we taught to them, my brother
To hunt and kill and plunder the other

We thought we were sovereign over all
Forever sounding the warmonger’s call

Marching away at someone else’s orders
Seeking more battles on foreign borders

Becoming as dogs of war they are gone
To find and gnaw upon an enemy’s bone

My sons, your sons seeking more glory
And leaving us only to tell their story

In their uniforms so stiff and new
Going to stay until the battle is through

We are old now and our battles are done
We shall rest with the setting of the sun

Pray that someday home may still be found
And not just traces of ashes on the ground