Faye Sizemore

“Fighting Addiction was His Toughest Battle”
“Fighting Addiction was His Toughest Battle”


Homeless heroes… you say,
where are they…?
If you really care…
direct your gaze over there

They are become
as shadows… just the unseen
… never noticed
by some living the American Dream

That broken man right there
is a vet and
he fought for a country
that denies him yet

Look around
and you will find
there’s lots more
of his kind

He’s addicted
He’s afflicted
He has troubles
on his mind

Can’t you put
a dollar in his hand?
He’s been through hell
for this land

He doesn’t want much
He will eat his bread
without any butter
one way or another

All he asks
is to be remembered
… himself
and every brother

Consider your handout
a payment small
for a vet who
is still giving all

Settling for hot coffee
without any cream…
he’s the one who fought
for your American Dream…