Faye Sizemore

General Lee’s Surrender: 1865
Painting of the 1865 surrender of General Lee’s army to General Grant, Appomattox Courthouse (painted in 1867)

It was in the April time…
After the winters’ chill
that General Lee surrendered
and bowed to the Unions’ will
Appomattox was a… long…
long way from Caroline
and fire-scorched Georgia pine
but that was not on their mind
… They could at last go home
No longer from their families be gone
Home… where the freed man had a voice
And their loved ones did rejoice
April is a month that remembers
You feel it in the spring winds’ tremors
The dogwoods are still blooming white
Just as they did on that long ago night
And the Wisteria…
The wisteria still grows… weeping
through the Magnolia trees…
weeping lavender tears… in memory…
of the South upon Her knees
Echoes of old cannons’ fire
Still refusing to retire…
Still gives off a vibration
Of the War that split a nation