Faye Sizemore


I am honored to listen when veterans speak
Your conversations are not meant for the meek

You should be heard as long as you will talk
You have fought the fight and walked the walk

I know a soldier’s memories sometimes pain
To make you uncomfortable is not my aim

I know things happened in the war
That even today shakes your very core

When your memories makes your heart sore
Don’t hide your feelings behind a locked door

For not having the key
How it really hurts me

Not knowing just what to say
When your ghosts come your way

When you sometimes hurt the way you do
I know you need to give grief its due

I don’t know how you feel
I only know your hurt is real

I can only imagine, it’s all I can do
My friend you know it is true

Not knowing if it’s close to being real
For I am not you and I was not there

But I can tell you with truth
I really care
And if I may, your ghosts,
I will share