Faye Sizemore


All day long and into the waning night,
the young soldier became weary of the fight
Still the enemies attacked as did a hungry hound
There was smoke and fires and dying all around
Many of his buddies had now gone down
They were steadily, steadily losing ground
Out of men, out of ammo, not to mention hope
Out of everything, Lord, but prayer,
…………………… that was no joke

The young soldier prayed as never before
‘Jesus, help us out of this place, so poor
I don’t want to die at just nineteen,
but I see no other end to this scene.’
The young soldier thought that he did see,
through the smoke and enemy fire,
the form of another soldier begin to transpire
He watched this soldier come across the battlefield
In the midst of fierce fighting, this man did not yield

He still could not see the soldiers face,
but then, like lightening, then, he knew.
This was his answer of faith, so true
‘Welcome, Lord Jesus’, he quickly said,
‘I have been praying for help from you’
This, ‘soldier like’, Jesus of the battle field,
walked straight to him and did not yield
as in a hail of fire, the soldier did go down
He lay wounded, bleeding on the ground

The soldier was afraid to open his eyes,
lest the new found friend be gone.
and he would again find himself alone
He heard these words, whispered,
……………………… like promises anew,
‘Be not afraid, for I will go home with you,
and you know in your heart, it is true,
for if it may be, that your soul has been set free,
then, my friend, I will take you home with me’

Submitted for the June 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Defeat