Faye Sizemore


I have seen our future
loitering on the street corners…
bodies visible as soul’s lost owners
Always it lies with the children…
no matter what we have lost…
to survive… to survive at any cost
Someone tell them the answer
is not in a plastic bag’s dream
It’s only a lull in a haunted scheme
Their reality is harsh enough
To face it one has to be tough
Oh… please tell them not to lag
… too many are now in a body bag
Too many look for fulfillment on the street
… it’s cold and it sure ain’t no treat
Their home fires are destroyed
… their way of life deployed
Selling themselves for a drugged dream
Witness… part of a losing team…
whiling time with no care
Little brothers and sisters…
oh… do walk carefully there…

Inspired by the poem, “Collateral Damage
©Copyright September 24, 2004 by Per Cod