Faye Sizemore


Rose, do you still sit on the porch swing
And still watch the evenings on the wing?
Do you still watch the lights come on at nine?
Do you still listen to the night traffic whine?
In the far reaches of my mind
Back where love’s memory does chime

There is a road that does wind,
Rose, to a memory lost in time
Of a sad goodbye said slowly
And of promises made to you only
Do you still sit as we did there?
Is the smell of jasmine still in the air?

It was heaven in the cool evening time
To sit on that swing, your hand in mine
You would be my wife you said
When I returned, we two would wed
Rose, watching the fireflies in the grass
We said how quickly time would pass

Rose, say you have not forgotten me
A soldier who went across the sea
To never again return to you anymore;
Staying a prisoner of a foreign war

Rose, say you will never forget
The boy who fought with no regret
And asks only one thing now, Heaven knows,
Just to be remembered by a girl named Rose