Faye Sizemore


A small note in a guestbook
on a military site
“My dad died at Clark Air Force Base
from injuries sustained
on Monkey Mountain, Da Nang
I need answers…
A quest into the past
tugging at my heartstrings
An echo of a long ago war
written there in hope… not despair
Hope of hearing of a Dad remembered
… loved by his brothers
Does anyone remember the scene
… anyone who can comfort Darlene
I don’t know who was there
but please know I care
Answers are elusive
… they are blowing in the wind
Search and you will find them
… a brother must remember him
even if in just a distant dream
May God grant you answers…
and fulfill your quest… Darlene

Author’s Note: Written after reading an entry on Woody’s Guestbook at http://8thwood.com. The response, as follows, was forwarded to Woody

“Thank you, this means so much to me. God Bless you for your thoughtfulness. I am still standing strong and searching for veterans who may have known my dad.”

Thank You