Faye Sizemore


Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP
US Marine Corporal Braxton Russell (left) tells one of his marines to “light it up” is he sees any movement from a pomegranate grove where Taliban are believed to be lying in wait. Shortly after this, Taliban fighters opened fire, wounding Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard, who later died. Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP
Those who dare to look
Upon the faces of war…
Unwashed and bloody…
Are changed forever more

Covert coffins home were sent
And on the news were not shown
Our dead were still coming home
Those who lived when they went

Grieving families no longer are alone
For their dear ones belong to us all
Sad families whose dear soldiers…
In flag draped coffins are coming home

The face of war
Is not hidden anymore
From those whose children
Do its chore…