Faye Sizemore

Bernie “Doc” Duff
Vietnam Combat Medic, Bernie “Doc” Duff

Every night I wait
for you to come
Moonlight ushers you in
… my old enemy
and again… we begin
You track and attack
and I have always fired back
It has been the very same every night
Over and over… we have our fire fight
Tonight… oh… tonight I vow
… it shall be at an end
Do not wait there around that bend
I kill you every night in my dreams
It is the same… just hollow schemes
Nothing has changed our pain
Tonight you will come again
and my enemy… when you do
I’ll hand your life to you
for I’ll not squeeze that trigger anymore
Goodbye… goodbye… goodbye to war
Somewhere… someone has begun to sing
Tonight… tonight is a beginning
We will see what tomorrow will bring

Author’s Note: Inspired by something Bernie Duff wrote…