Thelma N. Shutters


Veterans Day is getting close
With it comes so much pain
Out to others my heart goes
While traveling memory lane

This month I remember two
On the tenth both have died
Each fought for me and you
Of which many tears I cried

World War II he had served
Another one was in Vietnam
So the holiday I will observe
With a hope to give me calm

Also I honor with much pride
Both of my two older brothers
Who took their duty in stride
Just like so very many others

Veterans Day we’ll remember
Many soldiers from our wars
Heroes dead or dismembered
As Old Glory above us soars

At home many soldiers shoot
Up in the air to show respect
With a twenty-one-gun salute
This scene no one can forget

As we honor our fallen heroes
I will pray for peace on earth
On my heroes grave lay a rose
As I remember all their worth

We are in another war today
Most everyday a soldier dies
As we bow our head to pray
A mother could say goodbye

Veterans Day as we celebrate
The many heroes we all adore
Don’t forget them who await
Those brave heroes still at war

Author’s Note: Roy F. Schlup and William (Bill) A. Schlup: We are all so proud of you. Edgar A. Poe and Thomas E. Schlup: We miss and love you both