Thelma N. Shutters


We forget the consequences
That may result from a war
We could have no defenses
That each veteran has in store

The suffering they may endure
When end of war is declared
For diseases that has no cure
Many will never receive care

Recently my little brother died
Of Agent Orange related disease
Because we sprayed pesticides
In another land across the seas

Myeloma, asbestos then PCT
Shortened my brother’s days
A tragic death we had to see
Till our brother passed away

Gulf war syndrome most recent
Brain damage we can not repair
Many to the Balkans were sent
Now for life under doctors care

Chemicals with toxic radiation
Deadly uranium some exposed
We sent them to a destination
A veteran’s fate no one knows

We may think a war is ended
If a soldier comes home safe
Though we never comprehend
Still death might be their fate

Everyone should see first hand
In hospitals for our service men
Then maybe we will understand
That for many a war never ends