Greg Sheppard

Greg “Ice” Sheppard and Sophie
Greg “Ice” Sheppard and Sophie
Greg served with the 407th RRD-Mech: Republic of South Vietnam in 1969 – 1970 and says, “My parents were in tears when I left for Nam, and maybe they were pretty smart. Maybe they knew that whether I came back or not, I would never come back.”

In 1968 at age 17, Greg joined the Army (RA18982248) right out of high school and was in Vietnam by the middle of ‘69. He was with the ASA assigned to 5th ID (Mech), 407th RRD/DSU as well as serving stints with the Marines. His mission was simple: Provide enemy tactical intelligence at squad and company level.

During his 21-year service with the Army, Greg’s assignments included a year at Hakata, Kyushu, Japan, and six years on Okinawa, brief tours at Ft. Devens, Two Rock Ranch, Kelly AFB, Arlington Hall Station, and Vint Hill Farms Station.

Greg has been married three times: first to a Japanese girl for 5 years; second, to his College sweetheart 9-months (died seven months pregnant with their child from osteogenic sarcoma), and third to a co-worker for 3 years.

For a while, Greg drove trucks for U.S. Express, and Werner, and bartended. He is now retired and is 100% disabled with P.T.S.D. but considers himself “Just your normal American guy.”

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