Christina A. Sharik


Yellow RibbonsHey, why do you have that
yellow ribbon tied around your tree?
That’s what a neighbor’s child
asked of me…
We don’t have anybody missing now
Oh, yes, we do, and I told him how
I came to wear my silver bracelet,
why I fly my flag, and why I tied the bow ~
and then he got antsy, and he turned to go.
Thanks, said he, I hope your guy gets home
And I thought to myself it’s been 30 plus years
and we’re still fighting, and moms still weep tears
some of their sons will never come home
some of their daughters will be forever lost
some who come home will be changed forever
and War? Well, War, exacts such a cost.
My bracelet is the second one I’ve worn
My first prisoner? He made it home.
My son’s friend John was killed in Iraq
so he is another who won’t come back.
This one I wear now is for a man still missing.
There’s always someone missing, someone gone
and that’s why my yellow ribbons still flutter on.