Christina A. Sharik


She is a Veteran
She is a Woman, a Daughter
a Wife –
sometimes she typed…
sometimes, she pressed
a hand upon a wound,
and saved a life.
She might have been an entertainer
who shared a smile…
she might have been an actress,
or a transportation clerk…
a civilian, a missionary –
but whatever it was, she did her work,
and felt it was worthwhile.
Sometimes she stood in mud – and
sometimes in a pool of someone’s blood –
She is a Veteran,
a Mother, a Daughter, and a Wife –
Some people, also known
as Vets,
owe her their very sacred life.
Accolades for her sacrifices
have sometimes been too slow –
but whether she served
in a place that was far or near…
one thing, above all, is
abundantly clear…
She was a Volunteer
She did not HAVE to go.

Women In The Military