Christina A. Sharik


“Soul brought to Heaven” by Adolphe William Bouguereau
“Soul brought to Heaven” by Adolphe William Bouguerea
They say we need to win
the enemy’s hearts and minds…

But they never tell us
how to go about this task.

Were we to really have this
rather than bomb them

wouldn’t we simply ask ~

How can we help you?

What do you need?

Wouldn’t the idea be to
concentrate on
Humanitarian Missions

BEFORE we make our
new “friends” bleed?

I can’t understand the concept

We want to help you
But first we’ll bomb and shoot you

We know you’ll understand
when the dust clears
and the oil fires die down

to simply oily smudges
filling up the sky

Some of us will try to build schools
for you
Some of us will die ~
some of us will endure
horrors, while trying to
win your hearts and minds

some of us will hate you
and some of you will hate us…

Some of us will try to help you

and some, like me,
struggle to understand the concept…
of winning hearts and minds
while the blood that
mingles in the sand
is all too