Christina A. Sharik


When Johnny comes marching Home again
will there be welcoming crowds for him?
Aside from family and service friends
what will happen when his war ends?
There should be flags lit up and flying
There should be mothers laughing and crying
There should be fathers standing straight with pride
There should be memories of those who died…
Should, should, should is an simple word
one of the saddest I’ve ever heard
Would’a could’a should’a – you’ve heard that said
and it pertains to the living and dead
for it makes us want to understand
why we fight for family and land
why we go where “they” say to go
why the Mothers don’t all say “no!”
Mothers on their side, and mothers on ours
(who weep into pillows in the wee hours)
and when Johnny and Jane come marching home
how will they feel once they’re all alone?
Welcome Home, Johnny, and welcome home, Jane
I wish you dreamless nights, free from pain
Welcome Home Johnny, and Welcome Back, Jane
I’m so glad you are home again.