Christina A. Sharik


Nature watched the child, War,
sitting on His throne –

She said, “Do such damage
as you can,
then leave my world alone”.

War looked her in the eyes
and said:
“I won’t be happy till they’re dead!”

Nature shook her weary head
and leaves fell from the tallest trees
and covered all the dead
then traveled on a gentle breeze
where ocean waves
ran red with blood
and turned Time’s sands
to seas of mud.

The child, War,
just grinned, and smiled

Till Nature
“You spoiled Child!

My ground will heal
the seas will clear
the jungles, mountains,
valleys dear
will all be better than before.

As for Humans
they’ll be lost!
Their mothers pay a brutal cost
and fathers’ sorrows
never cease!

You’ve caused enough
commotion now!

Send in your Gentle Sister –

This poem inspired the response, “War and Peace” ~ ©Copyright July 23, 2007 by Fred Alvis