Christina A. Sharik


Came across a site last night
I thought that was kinda neat
so I began to read.
I liked some of the poems.
But it bothered me that
they said there were lots of sites
that “glorify” war and are
dedicated to the warriors.
If I say that I am proud of
the Soldiers, does that indicate
that I WANT War, not peace?
For me, it’s a bit too late.
I can’t think of a mother who
wants her child to leave to fight,
or is just thrilled to see her daughter
join the military’s awesome might.
Of course, we’re proud!
It is something to be proud of
but it’s tempered with a mother’s love.
What is glorifying war, anyway?
I don’t get the concept.
If I watch a movie or read a poem,
and it teaches me anything at all;
might not that glorification
have some meaning for us all?
I want peace.
I want peace with every fiber
of my Soul
but we don’t have Peace
when others want to kill us…
when we are torn apart,
and left shredded and not whole.
I turn the subject over in my mind
We send in troops, each
wary, and fully armed
to bring Peace to people
who’ve already been harmed
That’s a bit ironic
Here I am and here’s my gun
I am your savior, I’m the one
to bring you Peace
to make you safe
it’s all so odd;
and where is God?
I wonder sometimes what
He thinks (or She)
depending on what you think
but as for me,
I’ll still be saddened
at the need for war
and I’ll support the soldier
who carries the gun
I’ll write poems here and there;
I’ll support them, every one.

Author’s Note: On the last day of this year, I wish for Peace