Christina A. Sharik


Anti-War PosterShe’s so small –
the heaviness of war will
not be carried well at all.
She’s young, with midnight hair
but how long before sorrow
and sorrow’s friend, Despair,
paint those tresses gray with years
and line her face with paths of tears?

She’s so small.
What future is there?
How much time is there for her?
Years? Or will it be today? And,
if she dies, what will be the way?

I’d like to put my arms around her –
She’s so small –
I fear the heaviness of War
will not be carried well at all.

Author’s Note: Remember the poster in the 60s that said: “War is not healthy for children, and other living things.” I had it in my room when my ex went to Vietnam and Michael was 9 months old – I got thinking about the children over there and wrote this poem.