Christina A. Sharik


This Veterans’ Day, 2007
I’ll think of all the
soldiers now in Heaven ~~

No more to dream
the nightmares
or think about the Past
No need to worry
how long the PTSD
will last…

My grandfathers and father
have been there for awhile ~
You’ll recognize them
They’ll welcome you
with open arms
and an understanding smile………

The lines put on their faces
from years at war and after
Will dissolve into Peaceful
and quite possibly,
some laughter…

Every generation
sends its young ones off to war
Heaven is full of young men
Who don’t worry anymore.

So, lay down your pack
and rifle
Leave your nightmares
on the grass ~
and march on up to Heaven
where they’ll salute
you as you pass…

God Bless all the Veterans
those gone before, and
all the younger vets
who fight the latest war…

Lay down the horrors
you have seen
and the destruction of
the Mother Earth
with her carpeting of green ~

Be at Peace.
Your job is done
Your War is over
You have won
Your grave will soon
be covered with clover,

But you will not be there
You’ll be up in Heaven
I’ll think of you
this Veterans’ Day