Christina A. Sharik


From one generation to the next…

Their loss is ours.
Their sons and daughters
belong to all of us.
Random violence or planned,
it hurts in similar ways –
It brings to mind
another time,
a measurement of days –
each year for ten years,
give or take a thousand tears.
Each generation that
fights a War
hopes that there will
be no more…
But the battles continue
everywhere, and the rock throwing
and the mini-wars
cause more death
and lasting scars.
We remember.
We will remember,
and so, we grieve anew.
We are quiet in our sorrow,
some say hello to memories,
unbidden and unwanted,
some say prayers
and once again,
our dreams are haunted.
Along the way,
we have discovered
that our own pain
lies just below the surface
easily uncovered.
And now, for them,
we will grieve anew,
for this is something
we have learned to do.

USS Cole On Landing Ship Hilo Dock (LHD) Preparing For Trip To USA

Landing Ship Hilo Docks (LHDs) are huge ocean-going ships, looking much like an aircraft carrier, that are used to transport disabled vessels and other material over the oceans. A LHD, made and operated by Ingalls, was used to bring the USS Cole back to the United States after the US Navy vessel was the target of suicide terrorists in October of 2000 at Aden harbor in the Middle East.