Christina A. Sharik

(For Mother’s Day)

I sheltered you
My soldier son,
Under my heart,
my precious one

Close to my heart
I sheltered you,
Until it was time
for your debut ~

your entrance into
this hostile place ~
I used to marvel
at your gentle face


How very fast the years
have flown,
twenty years gone;
you’re a long time grown –

I still snuggle you
in my arms,
and cradle you
with my soul ~

I pray to God
that your spirit
will always remain
serene and whole.

When I held you
in my arms
You were as safe
from harm
as you would ever be

Inside of me,
I felt you grow
until it was time to
let you go

and the cord that held
us so very close
has been tested
time and time again:

oh, how I wish
I could still rock you
and protect you from the
hurts of men –

This world is often cold
But I’m still here
though I am slowly
growing old

I still carry you
in this heart
of which, you are
the biggest part…

My soldier son,
my precious one,
Travel far and fly free
but remember this:
Should you ever
feel the need,
you can wander
back to me