Christina A. Sharik


I sit here in this little room
and spin out simple rhymes
for people that I knew back then
in complicated times
I write for some I’ve never met
and likely, never will –
the ones who fought so bravely
on some multi-numbered hill –
and all the ones who went away
and never came back at all,
and soldiers, SEALS and sailors,
and some now on the Wall –

I don’t attend reunions
I’m not a joiner or a member
the best that I can ever do
is help us all remember.
My dad hid in a phone booth
when he came home from War
and watched his family waiting
for the man he was no more.
My husband locked my son and me
out of his life for years
what he went through affected us
and caused so many tears:

through it all I spun my rhymes
to help me make it through
though rarely shown to anyone
they helped when I was blue –
Then one vet said “Keep writing –
You just might save us yet”
So that’s just what I’m doing –
I’m honoring the vet;
the only way to show my thanks
is through my simple rhymes
for the vets I knew, or never met
in complicated times.