Christina A. Sharik


She’s a feisty little red head
and she has won a Bronze Star –
she served with the Navy
on the Sanctuary – off Da Nang
in a dirty little War.

She’s not emotional
or demonstrative
she says she doesn’t cry –
until that day in April
and I’m going to tell you why –

She knelt beside me
that hot day –
to say hello again –
and asked if I could write a poem –
if she shared something –
that could give me inspiration.
I said I would,
as best I could.

She said, “You know I don’t usually cry –
but today a little girl came up to me –
Karen’s little granddaughter –
and she put her arms around me
and she said ‘Welcome Home’,
and I lost it.
I really cried some tears.”

I thought I’d lose it myself
listening to her,
watching her face –
thinking about those long
ago years…

So Sailor, Welcome Home again,
from me…
thank you for your friendship,
for your service,
and for sharing your precious
little memory.

Author’s Note: For Marilyn “Sailor” McKay