Christina A. Sharik


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: August 1, 2007
Just let me weep
till my heart is bone dry

Don’t tell me to stop
I just need to cry

I’m feeling so sad
my soul’s paid the cost

of loving and living
and now I have lost…

family and friends
my youth; all those years

I am swimming in heartache
and drowning in tears

Nothing stays the same
I’m tired of the game

I’m glued to the news
and the horrors they show

“x” number have died
Not one did I know.

But I feel for their parents
their loved ones and then…

Life is the game,
that I must play again –

tomorrow’s not here yet
I must live for them

So, roll the red dice
and Spin the big wheel

one allows me to live
one allows me to feel

The sun will come out –
maybe tomorrow.

Until then I’m sad
let me drown in my sorrow