Christina A. Sharik


First there were 4
and then 3 pulls away.
What a significance
for those who stay
at home and wait,
beside the open,
swinging gate
for their missing man ~
not a plane but
a dad, a husband, a son
he’s #3, he’s the one.
And if they’re lucky
Extremely lucky
and they’ve prayed
with faith, and deep belief ~
maybe #3, their missing man
will come home, to sweet relief.
He is home,
home at last –
but he still bears
the scars
of his long imprisonment
behind the bamboo bars
But #3, the #3
the missing man
is home
“Three’s In”…I think
they say ~
and I can’t think
of a better way
to signify the safe return
of someone who was
dear to them;
was missing and now is back;
God Bless his heart,
and Welcome Home to him!
Three’s In!!!

During the flyover of a military “Missing Man” formation, aircraft #3 pulls abruptly out of the formation to signify the “missing man.” This page is the page of the POWs who returned. “Three” is back in the formation. Hence, “Three’s In”!!

Former POW Paul Galanti