Christina A. Sharik


Three solemn soldiers, battered and bruised,
stare at the camera, scared and confused.
Back at home, ribbons around every tree
will flutter and wave until they are free.
Somewhere three mothers
are awake in their beds…
while horrible visions dance in their heads…

These join a thread in the warped weave of war –
those captured,
those mothers
who all came before.

Author’s Note: For the 3 US Soldiers Taken by Yugoslavia

Three U.S. Soldiers Captured By Yugoslav Army

Three Solemn SoldiersCNN World News
April 1, 1999

NORFOLK, Virginia (CNN) – President Clinton said Thursday that Serb forces had “no basis” for capturing three U.S. soldiers and warned that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosovic and his government will be held responsible for their safety.

Three U.S. army soldiers were held captive by the Yugoslav Army Thursday after it said the three men “were captured on Serb territory” and “resisted arrest.” Serb television identified the men as James Stone, Andrew Ramirez and Steven Gonzales. The names could also be seen on their camouflage uniforms.