Christina A. Sharik


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: August 31, 2006
Back through the dusty,
bygone days
A soldier fights
through the fright’ning maze –
back to the present from the
when all of life
was a lusty rhyme.

He thinks he’s lost his
gentle side
that stayed his hand
and caused him pride

He’s still the same
young man inside

Things that are true today
may not
always be as true as we once
when we look backward
through age’s lens
and wonder where
the rage begins.

Sometimes things just
are this way –
Right or wrong, we cannot
But, I know he’s a decent man,
and always does the best he can

So, when his grieving
time is done
and frustration’s course
has finally run
Lord, help him on
his future way
with an inner peace
and a hopeful day.

A response to the poem, “The Way Things Sometimes Are” ~ ©Copyright August 20, 2006 by Thurman P. Woodfork