Christina A. Sharik


~ I ~

I am Someone’s mother –
and I want to let you know
that I remember you with thanks
for a time so long ago –
you sent my son back home to me
wounded, scarred, alive
because of you I had him back;
he was able to survive.

~ II ~

I am Someone’s mother;
my sweet son passed away –
yet, I think of you, the nurses
and bless you every day.
How hard it must have been
as young as you were then
to see the young men bloodied
again, and yet again.
I know you sometimes had to choose
and that was hard to do –
you did the very best you could
And now, who comforts you?

~ III ~

I am Someone’s mother –
my son was set aside,
and sometime in the morning
he breathed his last and died.
And one of you went to him
and shed a single tear
You’ll be remembered always –
by the one who held him dear.