Christina A. Sharik


Make those phone calls,
get them in –

We’re far behind,
dear gentlemen!

Do what you have to,
do whatever you must

get those Recruits –
forget about trust.

Hound those people
night and day
Get them to say “yes”
any old way!

Talk to those students
after class
If you don’t sign them
we’ll have YOUR ass!

Have a breakdown;
we don’t care
pick up those kids
from anywhere…

[Sir, this is not
the Real Army.
What is that
you’re telling me?!
I don’t want to hear
that stuff again
Get me some women
and get me some men]

If you scratch a Recruiter
down to the bone,
you’ll see he’s caffeine crazed
and rarely home ~

A person who once
believed in service
and now is shaky
because he’s nervous.

And when there’s trouble
in the Recruiter’s Office?
Get rid of the guy
who caused the fuss….

Just blame the Recruiters
for everything.
[Subject them to more
intense training]

It doesn’t matter
how well they’re trained
if a kid’s mom and dad
don’t want him maimed…

If they won’t sign the papers
for him to enlist…
what’s a recruiter to do –
Shake his fist?

If people are worried
about their children dying,
what else can a recruiter do,
other than lying?

They know their job
and they’d do it well
if the higher ups
wouldn’t give them Hell.

“How To Win Friends
and Influence People” –
would be a perfect book;
Maybe the officers
could take a look
and get some ideas
about “motivation”
so things would be better
at the Recruiting Station

It isn’t more training
that they need.

It’s a little more sleep
and some family time
Time to regroup
and relax the mind….

A little encouragement
wouldn’t hurt
Instead of criticism
with every word.

So, don’t blame the recruiters
for so many wrongs
Look higher up the chain;
That’s where the blame belongs.

Author’s Note: Here’s To the Recruiters