Christina A. Sharik


They’re tapping out a rumor
On the side of my cell wall
The rumor that I’m hearing
Whispered down the hall –
Is that freedom will be coming
Freedom for us all.

Excitement first – but then the fear
That makes us all uneasy here.
We’ve heard the rumors all before
And heard the clanging of the door
Swinging shut and cutting off
Our dreams and hopes once more.

But this time guards are coming
They have told us that it’s true
They’ve let us out to set us free
I’m coming home to you!

We’re very loud once on the plane
Until the fear begins to play
Will our loved ones still be waiting
Or will they stay away?

We’ve missed so very many years
How many holidays gone by –
How many nights has she wept tears
and has she ceased to cry?

We’re afraid – our hearts are pounding
Landing time is near –
Now the plane is slowing
I’m overcome with fear

I cannot let it beat me
Not after all that I’ve been through
I have faith in God and country
And I believe in you.

Then all my fears fall fast away –
I can see her by the gate –
I need to hurry now, you see
I cannot make her wait –

Those lovely eyes are sparkling
She’s running; brown eyes streaming –
She’s here to meet me, here to greet me
As in all my nights of dreaming.

I’m home at last, at long, long last
In every sense and way –
I shall have peace forever after
I shall have Christmas every day.