Christina A. Sharik


Tomorrow is the 6th day of June,
It will be the 60th anniversary of D-Day;
battles fought on Normandy’s bloody shores…
now as pristine as newly fallen snows;

the men who died there
are buried in a quiet place of honor –
with white crosses and Stars of David,
and their whispers can be heard
if you listen when the wind blows
among the rows
on rows…

In the end, hundreds of thousands
of men were lost in WWII;
thousands of men lost in Korea and
then in a place called Vietnam…
people that you and I knew ~

Then Somalia and Bosnia and
then came Afghanistan, and
“only 1,000 or so” in Iraq have been lost
so far

…………… ahhh War

… no matter where Taps is played,
no matter where the service takes place,
when they fold our beloved Flag and
place it in the trembling hands
of the mother, the father, the wife
of the one who has fallen,
the one who has given his life,
No matter where,
the expression on the face
is much the same.
They knew him;
…………… they know his name.

All suffering is individual
all loss is individual
all the pain a million
mothers feel
whether the war was lost or won
can be reduced to just one word:

…………… Son