Christina A. Sharik


Painting: Summer Cottage, by Karen Jones
Painting: Summer Cottage, by Karen Jones

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 20, 2007
Awarded: October 20, 2007
You are invited to a Gathering.

Come, all those who represent
the nations, large and small;
the dictators and democrats
of your countries, one and all.

You are invited to a Gathering.

There’ll be security at the door,
Please be prepared to leave behind
your implements of war
and any preconceived ideas in your mind.

All the tables will be round
All are equal here, you see.
So, Rabbis will sit down
with Mullahs, Monks and Me.

Jesus, God and Buddha
will lead the op’ning prayers;
There are rugs for prayers to Allah,
rolled up beneath your chairs.

The program for today
is a simple one to follow
We’re each entitled to our say
and no words must ring hollow.

There can be no bullying or shouting,
no arguing or jeers
Be respectful, everyone;
no preying on your peers.

Time and Death and Judgment
will walk about the place ~
If you have any questions,
please ask them, face to face……

Our program here is simple
We need a world at peace
Until we reach agreement
We cannot rest at ease.

We do not want a bomb
to turn our countries into ash;
a mushroom cloud of dust
that mutates beauty into trash.

I want to leave my country
to my grandson when I’m gone
I’m sure you want to do the same,
so, now, let us press on…..

to other worldly business
while the day is still quite new…
“Our Children” is the topic
one that’s dear to me and you.

I want my child to live in peace
That’s why I am here.
You want your child to do the same ~
to live without the fear

that some invading army will
blast them all to smithereens
and for purely selfish reasons,
destroy their innocence and dreams.

Now, Faith will read the Minutes
and we’ll sing a final song
and then we’ll all go to our rooms
and wonder all night long

If the things we’ve talked about today
will help to heal the pain
of a world gone terribly awry;
a world almost insane.

I thank you all for coming
For your patience here, my friend ~
“Freedom” will dismiss us,
and this Gathering will end.