Christina A. Sharik


Photograph: Ironton Memorial Cemetery
Photograph: Ironton Memorial Cemetery
©Copyright by Christina A. Sharik

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 1, 2009
Awarded: October 1, 2009
Out on the lawn
are tables and chairs
Garage Sale Today!
Toys, dolls and bears……

A uniform draped
on a box caught my eye
and I decided to stop
[almost drove right on by]

I was drawn to the jacket
and the ribbons
pinned on –
a box full of medals,
and one

thing that caught my eye
right away, and held fast
was the name tape ~
A box full of somebody’s past.

It’s all “just” a dollar,
the young woman said.
And I wondered whose blood
was so easily shed

all for a dollar –
a tinker, a tailor,
a Soldier, a Sailor………
a dollar for all
Did he live? Did he fall?

I bought the jacket
I bought the whole box
Freedom’s Not Free ~
everyone talks……………

His history was sold
almost for free ~
it was nothing to them,
and treasure to me.