Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: The Future of Our ChildrenHow will the future unfold
for our children?
How will the future
unfold for this world?|
In the morning’s bright sunshine
Which flag will unfurl?

Sleep often eludes me
While I worry and wonder,
as each day brings more turmoil
and we tear lives asunder.

My child is an adult
my great-niece is “new”
who will care for the elders,
the many, the few?

Will I live long enough
to witness the changes
in the way Rulers rule
as the Earth rearranges
its people, its oceans,
its mountains, its land,
her farms and her blue skies
and her hills made of sand.

I have to be hopeful;
I have to stay true
to the state of our Union
to the red, white and blue

I just have to believe
in our people, our faith
that we’ll win over evil
and we’ll win over hate.

I believe in the goodness
of the red, white, and blue.
I believe in the future
of this Country, and you

Written for the September 2006 IWVPA Theme Project, “Xenophobia