Christina A. Sharik


Why does this happen again and again
this destruction and maiming of women and men?
I can’t understand it, I don’t comprehend
the hatred and violence; I just understand
that war doesn’t end.

It never seems finished – it goes on and on
till some come home wounded
and some come home gone
and hatred and violence play like a song
and dreams visit nightly;
and bang like a gong.

I can’t understand it and I never will
how we can take, lose, and take again
the very same hill –
in inches and miles, in ashes and blood
and slashes and gashes
and red splattered mud…

I want you home again, safe in my arms
I want you home again, away from the harm
I need you here again, safe by my side
Don’t want to see you hurt
or to hear that you’ve died
I want you home again, safe in my arms.

Author’s Note: Sunday, November 2, was the deadliest day for coalition forces in Iraq since March, as a Chinook helicopter crashed west of Baghdad, killing 16 U.S. troops and injuring 20 more. The crash came in the wake of a series of attacks over the weekend, and after U.S. officials warned of a planned anti-coalition “day of resistance.” from CNN Online