Christina A. Sharik


Sunday morning early
quiet, some people at Church
some relaxing on the beach
some on the ships of our fleet
Then a flurry of flights
and bombs, and fire and fear
the beginnings of horrendous sights
they would never forget, from year to year.
Burned, maimed, and simply stunned
outmaneuvered and outgunned
the nurses and medics began to run
trying to get to hospitals, every one~
some were strafed and killed as they ran
trying to get there to care for each man
brought in by his buddies, his friends;
and when do attacks like these ever end?
I saw a program on the attack that day ~
Survivors of Pearl, weeping, as they had their say
Just the recalling seemed hard to bear
when they remembered that they were there.
As long as I’m here, and can read and write
They won’t be forgotten – nor their fight
A sneak attack; and the cowardly way
They killed the unaware that day.
And oh, the suffering the families bore
then, and onward, into the War
There’s endless fodder for poems and words
It’s never-ending, like flocks of birds
that land on the wire, and roost in the tree
Even when fighting ceases to be.

USS Arizona: US Flag
The American flag was removed several hours after the attack by some of the surviving ship's officers and was
raised at the stern of the Arizona on December 7th