Christina A. Sharik


On Christmas morn, the
snow was blowing
and the troops were
wet and cold ~

Oh, don’t consort
with Germans
they’re the enemy –
Officers would scold.

Then, through the heavy
veil of white
a figure, slight and small,
appeared to them,

an apparition

Startling them all.

He smiled, and held
a little tree
with a single candle, lit –

and held it up higher still
and yet,
he was not hit!

Amazed, and somewhat
they broke their ranks
and stood

waving, and then walking
wishing each other only good:

exchanging buttons,
and a beer
making friends;
no fear

For just a little while
one wondrous winter day

each realized that each
was miserable in his way

they were only human men
standing in No Man’s Land

a Land where No Man
should have stood

not for evil
or for good

Merry Christmas
they all yelled
We do wish you well

And then the Truce was over
and it was back to Hell.